Thursday, August 19, 2010

OSKIC- day4

Introduction to Basic Trading Knowledge

Hi guys! Are you one of the participants of OSK Investment Challenge? And you are a newbie/ amateur to investment? Confusing about the investment game? Well, I am not an expert or brokerage trader, I m just a student as u all like. All these materials are based on my knowledge learn out through this few years and through economics classes. Hopefully all this manage to help you all into a better understanding and get into the games.

So, the 1st lesson today is we going to learn the game trading page. Wondering all those symbols meant what? How we going to trade? So, let’s get into it now…

[Picture crop from OSKIC Game Trading page]

Code= registered code of the company under Bursa Saham Malaysia

Currency= currency used in trading the stock, e.g. MYR= ringgit Malaysia, SGD= Singapore dollar

Name= company name short form which register in Bursa Malaysia, e.g. TM= Telekom Malaysia Berhad

Ref= A day before‘s closing price

Open= 1st transaction success’s price

High = highest price achieved and succeed transaction in the trading day

Low= lowest price achieved and succeed transaction in the trading day

B/Qty= buying quantity/volume at the buying price

Buy = buyers offering price at the moment

S/Qty = selling quantity/volume at the moment

Sell= seller offering price at the moment

Last= last transaction succeeded price

L.Vol= last transaction succeeded traded volume

Change= Last-Ref

%Change= (Last-Ref)/Ref*100%

Volume= total traded share volume in the trading day

TO/CP= suggestion of closing price reference

Next, we will discuss the colour changes. I m sure there is some voice wondering why there is colour changes during the whole time, suddenly green? Suddenly red? Suddenly yellow??

Green= the last done price is higher than the opening price; Last>Ref

Yellow= the last done price unchanged with the opening price or no transaction; Last=Ref

Red= the last done price is lower than the opening price; Last

So, can you catch up with the meaning? It’s an important step to understand all this little meaning before you are going to the next steps for investment.'

All research is based on material compiled from data considered to be reliable at the time of writing. However, information and opinions expressed will be subject to change at short notice, and no part of this article is to be construed as an offer or solicitation of an offer to transact any securities or financial instruments whether referred to herein or otherwise. We do not accept any liability directly or indirectly that may arise from investment decision-making based on this article.

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