Monday, March 8, 2010

Life' s after off from post~~

累,今天終于完成2天的大學畢業就業準備課程(Finishing School)。也沒什麽特別咯,本來就已經做好甚爲大學生應有的態度。











Alright, next I m going to try to write in English. What to do? Have to brush up my English writing skills.

Once my friend have asked about whether is that possible to improve his English speaking or writing skills within a month. I do not know how to answer it, but now I found one of the way, trying to change everything in your life into English mode.

Ha-ha, is that possible? Who knows? Attitude makes your life change.

The 2 days course of Finishing School finally goes to the ends. Does it bring any benefits to me? Have to admit that, the facilitator, Dr. Janna Ong is an excellent facilitator. She does a good job in encouraging us to speak and to communicate in English. She guided us to prepare and perform well for future.

Thanks a lot to her for showing me a good attitude as a facilitator with a proactive and positive way. If you would ask me, what I have learnt in the course? I would have answer you, how to communicate with people in such a steady matter with a very good and positive manner. I have to admit that I am someone who speaks lot nonsense without any sense and without deep thought.

These 2 days was the moment I used the most times English in my life, true indeed! Ha-ha! Maybe that is the reason which makes me typing the blog using English.

Days by days, minutes by minutes, every moment did count in my life. So, what‘s all this about? Nah, I have no idea at all. Was in a mode of empty, brain function in dysfunction I guess. Writing in nonsense which might clear off my illusion.

Life is fully of a lot misery, how to face it with an open heart is an important way to make our life in a better way. Still in learning progress, hopefully the challenge in future would not defeat my strength…

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